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If you need to contact any of these leaders, please call the church office at 727-785-7487.


Executive Council

This is the administrative body of the Church Conference. It is made up of Pillar Leaders (lay and staff), chairpersons of Trustees, Staff Parish Relations Committee, Finance, Board of Education, Executive Council chair and vice-chair (current Administrative Council leaders), clergy, lay leaders, church treasurer, and lay delegates to Annual Conference. This body votes on the annual budget, pastors’ salaries, and uses a consensus model to reach decisions on ministry initiatives and vision casting.          



Church Conference

The Church Conference meets annually to determine the pastors’ salaries and to elect the lay leadership of the church. This is the connectional body to the United Methodist Church of Florida Annual Conference.



Ministry Teams

The ministry teams oversee the various areas of ministry (Gather, Grow, Go). Each ministry team has authority over its budget and to initiate and evaluate ministries within its structure. Each ministry team has a staff team leader and a lay ministry partner.


Gather Ministry Team

Oversees all ministries associated with worship, hospitality, and outreach.


Grow Ministry Team

Oversees all ministries associated with discipleship – adult, children, youth, and board of education.

        Board of Education –Oversees the ministries of Westlake Christian School, Robin’s Nest,                                                                             and Stars and Comets.


Go Ministry Team

Oversees all ministries associated with congregational care and missions.


Resource Ministry Team 

Oversees all ministries associated with the administrative functions of the church including facilities, finances, human resources, and includes the committees on trustees, finance, and staff parish relations.

                        Trustees – This committee has oversight of the property.


                       Finances – “This committee has oversight of the budget and handles the church’s money. It compiles a complete budget for the year. It develops and implements plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the church council. It is not authorized to decide how the local church will spend its money.” (Frank, p. 189).


                       Staff Parish – “This committee is charged with meeting at least quarterly to confer with the pastor and staff about effectiveness of ministry, their compensation, as well as annual evaluation of the pastor and staff, and consultation with the district superintendent regarding pastoral appointment.” (Frank, p. 188).


                      Committee on Lay Leadership – This committee is led by the senior pastor and is tasked with nominating members into leadership positions to be presented to the Church Conference.



Address: 1551 Belcher Road, Palm Harbor, FL 34683
Phone: 727-785-7487
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