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Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Animals

For the safety and security of all concerned PHUMC has a new Service, Therapy and Emotional Support Animals Policy. This  policy will also be shared under the Media & Resources/Forms tab on this website for future reference. 


Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Animals

Our vision is to be All Ages, All In, Loving God, Loving All. Policies and procedures are created to ensure that all feel welcome and safe in this environment. Churches are exempt from the ADA requirement under Title III to allow service, therapy, or emotional support animals on their property. Our aim is to be accommodating to those in need, as long as it does not create undesirable or uncomfortable situations for others. If a person has a certified service animal, we welcome them to our campus under the following guidelines:

  • The animal is certified and/or trained for a specific purpose.
  • The animal performs that specific purpose for the person while on this campus.
  • Under the ADA, service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls. If these guidelines are not met, the animal will not be permitted on the campus.



Service in the Parking Lot Sunday, Aug 9 @ 7:00 PM
Guys Night- Zoom Sunday, Aug 9 @ 8:00 PM
Recovery in Christ Monday, Aug 10 @ 7:00 PM
Promise Seekers Monday, Aug 10 @ 7:00 PM


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