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Westlake Christian School (K-8)
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September 6, 2017   5:00 a.m.

Dear Westlake Community--

We continue to monitor the movement of Hurricane Irma.  Throughout yesterday, we met with folks from the church to ensure a coordinated, supportive effort for members of our community.  As you heard on Board of Education Sunday, we have more than 700 children on campus each day.  We take their safety seriously.  
At this point, the storm is still a few days away. As you know from watching the weather reports, we do not know the location where Irma will hit Florida quite yet.  Today, in Pinellas County, members of a variety of community organizations and leaders will meet as part of the Pinellas County Storm Emergency Management Team.  From there, we anticipate Pinellas County Schools will determine their plans for the remainder of the week.  We will follow the recommendations coming from this group and the school district while balancing any additional needs we may determine for our particular situation at Westlake.  We will notify the entire Westlake community as soon as we make a decision, which will come shortly after announcements from the county.  
We urge you to follow the recommendations and mandates from Pinellas County's Emergency Management.  Your family should have a hurricane preparedness plan, know your evacuation zone, and more.
Below please find a helpful link:
We recognize and respect the fact that many families may choose to evacuate our area sooner than later. In fact, several Westlake families began treks northward yesterday.  While we need to keep track of attendance in all circumstances and do not have "excused" and "unexcused" absences routinely, in this case, we will consider an absence as "excused" due to evacuation purposes.
Finally, the Board of Education ministries and the church will have a coordinated effort during this uncertain time and with new experiences for many in our locale. You can count on PHUMC, Westlake, and ministry leaders to be available to serve northern Pinellas County and surrounding communities in a supportive fashion.
May we all find a sense of peace and calm as we work together on behalf of our families, each other, and our neighbors.
Mrs. Roggenbaum



Information about Westlake Christian School

Teaching the Mind…Reaching the Heart

Westlake Christian School, founded in 1995 by the congregation of Palm Harbor United Methodist Church, is a college preparatory school serving children in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade.  At Westlake, we are “teaching the mind and reaching the heart” of the next generation.  We do so through Westlake’s rigorous curricula at all grade levels which prepares students to enter high school with a sound academic and spiritual foundation.  In the fall of 2012, Westlake was named a National Blue Ribbon School.  Westlake Christian School is fully accredited by the Florida Kindergarten Council, the Florida Council of Independent Schools, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/AdvancED.



About the School
  • National Blue Ribbon School
  • College Preparatory Program
  • Well-Rounded experience
  • Strong academics across all areas:
    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Technology
    • Foreign Languages
  • Fine Arts Development in vocal, instrumental, and theatre arts
  • Sports Academy in K - 4th grades and competitive sports 5th - 8th grades
  • Leadership Development, through National Junior Honor Society, Student Government, Student Ambassadors and others
  • Community Service through local and international programs
  • Duke University Talent Identification Program with more than 55 percent of students in 4th - 8th grade qualifying


Aacredschool.jpgccredited by:

Florida Kindergarten Council, Florida Council of Independent Schools,

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/AdvancED


Address: 1551 Belcher Road, Palm Harbor, FL 34683
Phone: 727-785-7487
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