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Our Worship and Arts teams embody Palm Harbor United Methodist Church’s vision of Passionate Participation by continually including artists from every generation in our weekly services and special projects. Some ensembles are mixed in ages while others may tilt toward adults, youth, or children. New members are welcome throughout the year.


If you are interested, click here to fill out the from and someone from the Worship and Arts Team will be in touch with you shortly.


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Rehearsals – Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the choir room

The Choir provides musical leadership every Sunday. It is open to all singers regardless of experience or training. Music reading is not a requirement and no audition is necessary. The choir also presents special seasonal concerts and features a wide variety of musical styles and modes. Recordings of upcoming pieces are typically available to assist with learning.


“Chancel Choir is such a good place to fellowship, make friends, sing a wonderful variety of music, and learn so much about singing God’s praises from the best teacher I’ve known.” – Choir member



Praise Team Vocalists

Rehearsals – vary  by week


A rotating team of vocalists is assigned to weekly worship services. The team’s purpose is to help our congregation worship. Reading music is not a requirement, however, singers must be able to hold their own part and learn harmony/memorize. While there are no formal auditions, an interview and orientation period are typical. Participation is open to adults and youth (middle school and older)


“Praise team is like a family that sings, prays, and plays together. We take turns singing on Sunday so it is not a weekly commitment, although we tend to all make it to weekly rehearsals regardless.” – Praise Team member



Praise Band

Rehearsals – varies by week.


A diverse group of people in age and levels of musical experience, the band participates in weekly services and special projects. Printed music and/or chord charts are provided for all of the songs in our library. Instrumentalists must be proficient in playing in multiple styles. Students are welcome, but should be at an advanced level of playing (late middle school/early high school). In lieu of formal auditions, we are open to new people sitting in with the band during which time we can determine if there is a good fit.


“Praise Band….all volunteers with professional quality sound, able to master any style of music and help each other grow in music and faith.” – Praise Band member




Rehearsals – Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. in the sanctuary


Participation in a bell choir is fun! It encourages teamwork, self-control, dependability, and self-confidence. Bell-ringing fosters social interaction, creative problem solving, artistic expression, and acts as a trainer of coordination and motion skills. Reading music is helpful, but counting accurately, and a sense of rhythm is more important.


The group performs periodically during Sunday services, in the community, and attends bell festivals.


Open and welcome to all who are eager and ready to learn.


Contact Lynne Homan at if you are interested in joining or getting more info.



Harbortones Men’s Ensemble

Rehearsals – not rehearsing at the moment.


Our men’s ensemble sings occasionally during the year and is made up of men from our chancel choir, praise team, as well as men who like to sing but are not part of a regular choir.


The Harbortones have appeared outside of the church, including feature performances during Barbershop Chorus Concerts.



Children’s Choir

 Rehearsals – Wednesdays from  4:45 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. in the choir room. 


Children’s choir is available for every child aged 1st – 6th grade.  Children will learn about singing posture, principles of diction, effective breathing, basic music theory, beginning sight-singing, and performance skills. The Children’s Choir performs throughout the year during various worship services. For more information contact Cindy Terrio at 727-742-7474.



The multi-media team provides audio, computer graphics, video, and theatrical lighting for Sunday services and other events throughout the week.


Interested in volunteering on the “Tech Team”? Contact Chris Steurnagel at




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